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Securing the US Capitol

After the attack on the Capitol, efforts are underway to secure it for congress and for the Inauguration of Joe Biden. 1000s of Nation Guard members along with The Capitol and DC police have been called to provide security.  Fencing have be put up around the Capitol and the national Mall.  The National Mall wall will be closed so no one will be allowed there for the inauguration.

The FBI is reviewing video, photos, and social media to track down people that participated at the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021.  They claim to have received lots of tips that will help them find the perpetrators.  Alerts have gone out to secure all 50 state capitols because of alleged planned attacks on them.  

Trump recently gave a speech saying that people that do violence and vandalism are not his followers.  He basically called for calm during the speech.  He did not apologize for the remarks he made at the January 6th rally which incited the insurrection.


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  Who is responsible for the insurrection at the US Capitol?  Many blame Trump who spoke at a rally on January 6th.  There was a "call" for people to come from all over the country.  At the rally Trump again and again told his followers to fight and to march down to the Capitol and seek justice for the election that was "being stolen" from him. People are responsible for their own actions but did Trump incite a riot?  Yes he did.  He has been spewing false claims since the November Election in which Biden won.  Trump has stated that the election has been stolen and their was widespread fraud.  He said the only way he would lose is if the election was stolen. CNN has shown the footage again and again that Rudy Giuliani said there has to be "Trial by Combat".  There was a senator who I can't remeber his name said at the rally, "It's time to start taking names and kicking ass."    There were congressmen and women that objected to ratifying t

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