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The Nation moves on after Trump Insurrection

It has been 2 days since the Trump Insurrection where Trump demonstrators overran US Capitol Police and got into the US Capitol.  Nancy Pelosi wanted Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment but that's not likely.  The House has drafted Articles of Impeachment charging Trump with Inciting a Riot.  Votes as early as next Monday may happen.

Trump divided this nation.  Will Biden Unify it?  Trump supporters have been brainwashed into believing that the election was rigged and stolen from Trump.  I don't see them easily supporting Biden and his goals for the country.

We can't let go of what Trump and his minions in the Senate and House did.  Their actions led to this riot.  Time for Trump to bow out.  He needs to lay low until his time runs out.  It's good that this happened now as opposed to months ago.  Trump only has 12 more days as President.  Good riddance when he leaves!!


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  If the protestors that stormed the US Capitol would have been Black Lives Matters protestors, the reaction by police would have been totally different.  Those insurrectionists were white and there was only a small police prescience.  With the inauguration only days away, security of the US Capitol grounds should have been top priority.  We have to be thankful, that event could have occurred while Biden was being sworn in. I noticed from the news a few police officers only pointing their guns at the rioters.  If they would have been Black, officers would have fired several shots into the crowd.  Trump and those around would use that to degrade the Black community and charges of the ringleaders would have been more severe.  I would further say that if Trump would have been Black he would not even have been elected President and if elected would have been impeached and convicted in the Senate.  I believe the 25th amendment would have been invoked against him.  This country has let Trump

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